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The “Trusted PTC Sites” post is created for those of you who want to learn more about “TRUSTED PTC SITES” and that kind of online money earnings, how to avoid fake PTC sites or about those who slowly become fake, but also on PTC sites In which it is worth investing your time and even money.

This website is still under construction so I will post more posts on how to make the most of the best PTC sites, but of course with other free programs.

I will give you the most definitive point to clarify what you need to do to make these sites successful in making money and of course I will present you a list with highly legitimate and elite PTC sites on the Internet.

After that you can click on the links below to join my chosen elite and completely free PTC sites that I personally use and from which I have been paid more than once.

Each PTC site comes with a detailed and objective description (you can see a detailed description of “features” by clicking on the link from the PTC site you want to see or on the “read more” link). For each page I have attached two proofs of payment of these PTC sites, as well as links and banners to be registered directly.

Here are the best and most reliable PTC sites listed here:

Neobux is one of the most reliable PTC sites on the Internet with over 3 million registered users. Neobux started its activity as PTC in March 2008 and has since regularly paid to all its members.

What is special about this PTC site is that the payments are processed at the moment, which means that within a few seconds your request will be processed and the money is already on your Payza,Neteller,Skrill account.

Trusted PTC sites

Wordlinx is one of the oldest PTC sites on the Internet. It was registered in 2003 and has over 130,000 members.

Trusted PTC sites

Wordlinx offers two types of membership:
Standard (free membership) and Premium (paid membership)
As a standard member you can earn up to $ 0.01 per ad and 0.005-0.01 $ for each email you read. You also get 5% of your salary referrals, (for premium members 10%).
Payments are fixed at $ 10 and are made through Paypal.

· You can bring references to Wordlinx as much as you want without any limitation,
· You can buy referral packages (more information on the page),
· You receive a $ 0.05 bonus for each referral that is subscribed to a page,
· You receive 5% of the money for each referral who invests in this page (refferal purchases),
· You get $ 0.05 for each referral that upgrades your membership (3 levels or more).

· Missing forum!
I am personally satisfied with this PTC, it has already paid me twice, and I hope that it will remain in the future. The biggest proof that this PTC site belongs to the elite is that it has been online for 9 years.