How to get referrals for jobs Get referrals for Jobs free

This is information How to get referrals for jobs

How to get referrals for jobs steps


1. Advertising on PPC sites
This method is about advertising on PPC pages, and the best PPC pages are:,,
2. PTSU advertising
Paid To Sign Up advertisements are advertisements where you place ads and others are registered
Over you and are paid if they are active at a certain time.
3. The “Paid To Complete Task” page
To be similar to PTSU commercials just here are the different types of pages that are
Are specializing in paying for successfully completed tasks that are not closely related to PTC
earnings. The most famous sites are: and myeasytask.come
4. Referral Deals
On PTC-Affiliate Forums, offer other members the percentage of your earnings
From their activities.
5. Paid advertising
This is just like free advertising just here you have to pay for advertising.

How to get referrals for jobs

Here is a brief explanation of how to get direct referrals for a PTC site