Earn cash clicking ads Earn Cash Clicking ads free

How to earn cash clicking ads

How to earn cash clicking ads for free

What is this about here? It’s about having some sites on a daily basis offering a few ads that you click on and they have to be open for a specified time (5-30 seconds), and you will earn cash.

Currently the Best PTC sites(by me)

Earn cash clicking ads


Earn cash clicking ads

How to start?

You must first register the above PTC page (click on the picture above), then you will be logged in to that page and click on “view Ads”. Click on the ad on the ad and you have to open them as long as the timer does not count the time, then you can close the ad and you will be paid for it.

Additional Benefits:

As an additional convenience on the Neobux/Clixsense sites(Many others) there is a referral program. It is about being able to promote the Clixsense page and for every member who registers through you, you get a percentage of his earnings.
When you sign up for Clixsense/Neobux, you will get your unique “referral link” and anyone who registers through this link becomes your referral,and you will earn on his earnings. This link can be promoted anywhere on the internet (Facebook, forum, Twiter, via mail, …) or you upload it to your friends personally and your earnings will be multiplied.

How Much Can It Be Earned?

At Clixsense/Neobux you can earn 0.2-2 cents per view advertising, with you having 20 ads per day. Now it seems to you, and that’s not a lot of money, but if you’re reviewing your ads on a daily basis, and if you include a couple of referrals that will bring you extra earnings, then that figure is worth not mentioning how much you earn if you can include 1000 referals , Count yourself ….
In addition to this, Clixsense/Neobux also offers some offers that you need to visit certain websites and find some information on them and fill in the tables, and such offers are also charged at 20 cents, there are a few daily deals.
And, in the end, Clixsense offers a prize game ClixGrid every day for free and you can get up to $ 10. Good luck!

What are Referrals?–Click here


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