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What are PTC sites?(information)

PTC represents “paid for a click”. Advertisers want to reach their consumers.

PTC sites are one of the ways you can reach your customers through ads. People will see them through ads.

So PTC sites work as a mediator between advertisers and consumers.

Advertisers pay PTC sites for advertising their ads, and some pieces of PTC money pay their members to watch these ads.So PTC works between advertisers and consumers. PTC sites are a good way for advertisers to increase traffic through their sites on PTC sites.
As a member of some of the PTC websites, you will by clicking on the ads daily earn money. When you click on a particular ad, another web page will open, and you must watch the ad 3,5,10,30 or 45 seconds depending on the value of that ad, while the money is not credited to your account.

It may sound like you could not hardly make anything with PTC sites, and that would be true, if it weren’t for the referral programs they all have. This is how it works: For everyone you get to sign up through your link you get anywhere from 50% to 100% of what they make as well. So if I get 10 people to watch 10 ads per day, I will make a dollar a day. And if I have 100 people clicking 10 ads per day I will be banking in $10 a day and $300 per month.

What are PTC sites?    What are PTC sites?

What are PTC sites?

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